Ways in which you can support the causes that we support…

Phoenix Rotary 100 Take Flight (Auction):

Join us in support of our big fundraiser for the year where we will auction off gorgeous garden butterflies produced by several well know artists in the community.  There will be an online auction, a special showing of the artwork at the Shemer Art Center in Arcadia, and an opportunity to mingle with some of the artists at a ticketed event on March 24th when the auction comes to a close..

General Support:

 Our local charity (Phoenix Rotary Club Charities, Inc) raises money for a variety of causes that we feel help the community.  If you contribute to our general fund, we will make donations to these causes.  Use the form shown below to become a hero of ours!

The Rotary Foundation:

This is the lifeblood of almost any rotary project that receives funding outside what a local Rotary club raises.  This is one of the most respected charitable foundations on the planet.

Phoenix Dream Center:

Phoenix Dream Center is President Mike Stohler’s Major Project this year.  They provide vital recovery services for trafficked young women.

Sleep Cubbies:

This was Past President Jay Murphy’s Major Project, which spun off as its own 501(c)(3) and provides temporary shelters for people experiencing homelessness and focuses on the importance of mental and physical health as determined by the quality of the sleep they consistently get.

Central High School Food Pantry:

We help ensure that the Central High School food pantry remains stocked and reduces the number of students that arrive and leave hungry every day.